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 DeLuXe Rules

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PostSubject: DeLuXe Rules   Mon Feb 04, 2008 3:57 am

  1. English on clan chat
  2. Any fulldrop earned in a party with 2 or more clan members goes to clan warehouse .
  3. All materials , A and S grade recipes , A and S grade parts go to clan warehouse .
  4. Sealstones earned in a clan party goes to clan warehouse.
  5. All clan partyes for exp/spoil are a MUST.
  6. Presence at announced events like siege is also a MUST , if you can`t come you must announce before .
  7. For equipments we will help only for A and S grade. (see 3)
  8. When Clan Leader and/or Party Leader talks , shut up and listen .
  9. Don`t spam, abuse, issue. If you have a problem with a clan member. We all have the problem, and we dislike problems.
  10. All new members must make one new character for academy , they must finish it in five days from the day they made the char .
  11. Use Ventrilo. It is necessary to be on Ventrilo when clan has some important activity ( siege , raid boss ,mass pvp) , it is not necessary to speak on Ventrilo but to listen.

Motto: When DeLuXe asks you to jump , don`t ask why , ask how high !

  • Clan Leader has the right to change rules and update this list without any announcement . So visit this thread frequently .

Thank You and Have Fun .

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DeLuXe Rules
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